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Story 18 of 25: Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.

Sep 22, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 18 of 25: Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc.

It is likely that few of us give much thought to ambulances or fire trucks. That is, until we need them. But at Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc., fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency services vehicle users are not only their customers, they are their “calling.” The Glick Family and their 110 employees (spread across four locations in Pennsylvania) live and breathe emergency services. And we are sure glad they do.

Founded in 1987, in the living room of David and Susan Glick, this second to third generation, family-owned company is growing rapidly because of their immersion in this indispensable sector of our communities. Talk to most any fire chief or ambulance captain in Pennsylvania and you can be sure they will know and praise Glick Fire’s commitment to their services. Talk to most any local fire chief or ambulance captain in a community near a Glick Fire location and they will identify a Glick employee as one of their volunteers. Yes, it is a “calling.”

When a family business focuses first on the good of their employees, customers, and community, “success” is inevitable.

We are grateful to serve Glick Fire Equipment Co., Inc. They make our communities better.

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