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25 Stories for 25 Years – That’s a Wrap!

Dec 29, 2022
By Roger North

Categories: 25 Stories for 25 Years

25 Stories for 25 Years – That’s a Wrap!

25 years. 300 months. 1,304 weeks. 9,131 days. If these numbers sound vaguely familiar, it is because we used the same numbers to start our “25 Stories for 25 Years.” We hope you enjoyed, and were encouraged, by these stories which intentionally highlighted the value that well-led organizations bring to their communities.

We often hear talk of “corporate greed.” We are sure it exists. But in the world in which we live, we see very few, if any, examples of greed. Rather, we see mission and values-based organizations manifesting sacrificial, servant-like leadership. Leadership that places the interest of customers, employees, and communities above that of monetary or reputational gain.

An underlying premise of our “25 Stories” was to illustrate the importance of for-profit businesses and not-for-profit organizations/ministries to the well-being of the communities in which we live. Where would our world be without the time, talent, and treasure contributed by these 25 organizations and many more?

Whether your organization was highlighted or could have been… thank you!

We are grateful for the many ways in which you make our communities better.

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