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Different Minds – Stronger Teams

Oct 25, 2023
By Tim Heist
Comments: 2

Categories: Instant Insights (Video) Leadership & Organizational Development

Different Minds – Stronger Teams

How do you respond to individuals whose work styles differ from your own? In this video, Tim challenges us to recognize that our unique qualities contribute significant value to a strong team.

comments: 2
  1. Excellent perspective with wisdom Tim!
    As I have matured over the years Tim, it’s amazing that I focus on people so much more than just getting it done. I appreciate those with differing skills and talents!!
    I have learned the value of surrounding myself with those that will tell me what I need to hear instead of those who will tell me what I want to hear!!
    Thank You,
    Kirt Barden, CEO, Lighthouse Vocational Services

  2. Great insight Tim! As you already know a little about me, I’m wired very similarly to you. Attending those sessions with the North Group and our one on ones last year have definitely help me open my eyes and see things differently. I can’t say that I’m 100% there yet but I’ve definitely seen an improvement in myself throughout this year. Thank you and the rest of the North Group for all you do!

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