Brian Black

For a Special & Unique Purpose

What do you believe? What drives your behavior? At North Group, we have captured our beliefs in a series of statements that are foundational to how we serve each other and our clients. Our first and overarching belief is that “all people are created by God for a special and unique purpose.”  Some of our foundational […]

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The Power of Reflection and Celebration

Dec 29, 2020 By (Bio) One Comment

As with most individuals, families and organizations, navigating the challenges of 2020 made for a bumpy and unpredictable ride for all of us at North Group.  Our team recently reflected upon, and yes, celebrated, 2020 and all that it held for our team and for our clients. Some of the “highlights” we noted for 2020 […]

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The North Group Podcast – Brought to Light: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff (Ep. 6)

Aug 11, 2020 By (Bio) No Comments

Don’t sweat the small stuff! In your opinion, what counts as the “small stuff”? We’ve seen this phrase used to assure others that we’ve handled all the details. On the other hand, we’ve seen it used to dismiss things that should hold more value! In Episode 6, Roger and Brian discuss how identifying the “small […]

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The Power of a “Go Forward” Plan

May 21, 2020 By (Bio) No Comments

Author C.S. Lewis rightly observed that, “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”  This principle is no less true for our teams and organizations.  How can our organizations emerge from these days of challenge and hardship healthier and stronger, with greater cohesion, clarity and momentum? In our May 14, 2020, video blog, […]

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Make Your Meetings Count

Aug 06, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

“We already have too many meetings around here and they are a waste of my time.” This was the proclamation of one member of a newly formed leadership team as he entered the room just before the start of our first meeting. From the expressions and body language of those already around the table, it […]

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The Three Pillars of Succession Planning

Jan 19, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

In his recent blog, my partner, Roger North, shared about our three-year journey of developing and executing an ownership succession plan for North Group. He aptly noted that this process “took time, energy, and a few engaging disagreements.” Roger is right – it required time. Not just blocks of time here and there, but also “seasons […]

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Somebody Knows

I recently had the privilege of facilitating a conference for family business owners from the United States and Canada.  Most of the attendees desired to transition the leadership and ownership of their business to next generation family members.  Yet most of them acknowledged that they are “stuck” – even paralyzed – in developing and implementing […]

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Four Questions Leaders Ask

One leadership team I have the privilege of working with routinely asks each other and members of their teams the following four questions: How are you doing? I recently heard two managers described this way: One manager asks, “WHAT are you doing,” while the other asks, “HOW are you doing?” It should not surprise anyone […]

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How Long Is Your List?

We live in an age of lists. We have our “to do” lists, and more recently it has become fashionable to accomplish items on a “bucket list.” But there is one list that is rarely discussed—the list of issues we find most difficult, or even impossible, to talk about. Yet that list is perhaps the […]

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