Daryl Leisey

Coaching for Leaders

Sep 21, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

“It’s lonely at the top.” I have heard this phrase used numerous times to describe what leaders may experience as they sit in a leadership role atop an organization. As leaders, it is crucial to have someone to interact with who can provide encouragement, direction and accountability. At North Group, our approach to leadership coaching […]

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Time for Reflection

Apr 05, 2018 By (Bio) No Comments

“They can’t see the forest for the trees.” This oft-quoted expression is used to describe someone who seems to have lost something or is not able to see what would be obvious to others. Focusing on what is right in front of them has limited their ability to see the big picture. For some, they […]

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Creating Personal Margin

Oct 20, 2017 By (Bio) One Comment

In his book Margin, author Richard Swenson, M.D., talks about the need to protect and, where needed, expand our margins in life. Just as a printed page would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to read without margins, our lives can become overloaded and ineffective without appropriate space “between our load and limits.” While there are […]

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Avoiding Behavioral Drift

There is a great quote from John Maxwell that states, “Experience is not the best teacher… EVALUATED experience is the best teacher.”  Or, as I heard a speaker say one time, “Experience makes us older, evaluated experience makes us wiser.” As people, we are often changing or modifying our thinking, behaviors and habits – and […]

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The Power of an Apology

One of the most significant memories in my life was the time when an individual approached me wanting to apologize for an incident that took place in our relationship about 15 years ago. For me, the initial incident, while disappointing, was not particularly negative. In fact, beyond the initial disappointment, I forgot about it and […]

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Do It Anyway

Dec 07, 2015 By (Bio) One Comment

Some time ago my wife and I were returning home after enjoying dinner out with friends. We left the restaurant around 9:30 and were on the way to drop our friends off at their home. At one point, we stopped at a traffic light behind a car we had been following. As the light turned, the […]

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What Do I Want to Be (Like) When I Grow Up?

Mar 20, 2015 By (Bio) No Comments

We often ask children: What do you want to be when you grow up? Their answers can range from fireman to nurse, from teacher to pilot or even to trash collector (depending on the child’s fascination at the time.) Less frequently, we ask an even more important question….of children and of ourselves: What do you […]

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Lightening the Load

August 20, 2014 Lightening the Load by Daryl Leisey Last week I attended a simulcast leadership seminar with several of my colleagues from North Group. Throughout the two-day event I had the opportunity to speak with a number of individuals I had not seen for some time. It was good to reconnect. In those conversations, […]

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The Blessing of Inadequacy

January 20, 2014 The Blessing of Inadequacy by Daryl Leisey Is it important to optimize every moment? The obvious answer is yes, isn’t it? We’ve been taught to do our best, maximize every opportunity, strive for perfection. But is that always the best? Perhaps we’re just not capable of what we set out to do. […]

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