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It is likely that few of us give much thought to ambulances or fire trucks. That is, until we need them. But at Glick Fire Equipment Company, Inc., fire trucks, ambulances, and other emergency services vehicle users are not only their customers, they are their “calling.” The Glick Family and their 110 employees (spread across four locations in Pennsylvania) live and breathe emergency services. And we are sure glad they do.

Founded in 1987, in the living room of David and Susan Glick, this second to third generation, family-owned company is growing rapidly because of their immersion in this indispensable sector of our communities. Talk to most any fire chief or ambulance captain in Pennsylvania and you can be sure they will know and praise Glick Fire’s commitment to their services. Talk to most any local fire chief or ambulance captain in a community near a Glick Fire location and they will identify a Glick employee as one of their volunteers. Yes, it is a “calling.”

When a family business focuses first on the good of their employees, customers, and community, “success” is inevitable.

We are grateful to serve Glick Fire Equipment Co., Inc. They make our communities better.

Four generations of Martin’s have been making ham, sausage, hot dogs, and lots of bacon(!) since 1932. If you didn’t have a John F. Martin & Sons, ham on Easter, you made a serious mistake!

Producing thousands of tons of high-quality meat products in a year is no easy task. At John F. Martin, quality is taken very seriously, as is efficiency. But not to the point of eliminating the human touch. JFM works hard to balance automation and individual skills, recognizing the unique value their team brings to quality production.

Currently transitioning from third to fourth generation leadership, John F. Martin’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and employee focus, will not waver. While technological advances are many, employees are never looked at as expendable. The commitment of the fourth generation to the founding ideals of great-grandfather John, are stronger than ever.

When speaking with the leaders at JFM, it becomes apparent that “ownership” is not their mentality. “When you believe you own something, you tend to tighten your grip. When you understand it is not really yours, decision making with the long view in mind becomes much easier.”

We are grateful to serve John F. Martin & Sons. They make our communities better.

Did you know that in their early days, the congregation of the Worship Center gathered in the Lititz Rec Center, which – at the time – was located in the very building North Group welcomes our clients to today?

Now located in Leola, the Worship Center has grown to serve close to 5000 people and has gracefully navigated one of the most seamless first to second generation leadership transitions we have seen.

Business family or family business? Is that a real question? Yes, it is and a very important one at that.

EGStoltzfus is a family business. The values and philosophy of the family are deeply engrained in the business. Second generation owners, Brent Stoltzfus, Chad Stoltzfus, and Colleen Brubaker lead a highly successful general construction business that has experienced tremendous growth and an extremely loyal customer following. They also lead a family that LOVES being together. If you were to watch a movie of a Stoltzfus family gathering, it is likely you would have no indication whatsoever of their business ownership. What you would witness is a highly cohesive, connected family.

Brent, Chad, and Colleen credit their dad, Elam G. Stoltzfus Jr., for building a family first and a business second. If “push comes to shove,” family will always win. But in this family, there are very few pushes and no shoves. In the family, love wins out. In the business, merit wins out. Non-family employees have the same opportunity as family employees. The result of this philosophy is a connected family, a growing business, loyal employees, and delighted customers.

If you run across a ministry or non-profit construction project locally, you are likely to encounter EGS employees donating time and in-kind resources. Intertwined in the communities in which they build, EGStoltzfus executives, employees, and family members are strongly committed to the wellbeing of their communities.

We are grateful to serve EGStoltzfus. They make our communities better.

If you were to look up the definition of family business, you would do well to skip the academic descriptions and simply visit Wengers of Myerstown. Incorporated by Carl and Margaret Wenger in 1958, Wengers’ thriving ag and construction services business involves all seven of the second-generation children of Carl and Margaret. This family business is committed to the good of their employees, customers, and communities in ways that go well beyond the ordinary.

“Big Hat, Big Heart.” Yes, that is the title of Carl’s biography. It also encapsulates the Wenger family ethic. Take the annual “Praise Dinner” for example. Held each spring at the Lebanon Expo, the Wenger Foundation hosts 750 people for dinner underwritten by the foundation and its friends. All ticket purchases for this evening are committed to four community benefit organizations. A more unique community event you would be hard pressed to find! The Praise Dinner is a rare combination of selfless philanthropy, Pennsylvania Dutch food, gospel music, and goodwill.

The distinct culture of the Wenger Family, Wengers of Myerstown, and the Wenger Foundation, is rooted in a cohesive family, a clear mission, a successful business, and a heart for the community.

“Big Hat, Big Heart.” We are grateful to serve the Carl Wenger Family and Wengers of Myerstown. They make our communities better.

“Quiet in the land” – You may have heard this phrase applied to people of the Amish and plain Mennonite faiths. Comprising nearly 10% of the population of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the impact of the Amish and Mennonite communities is significant, much more significant than most of us realize. Sure, they are a tourist draw. But much more importantly they are an undeniable part of our cultural and economic fabric. All that being said, they are not well understood.

“Quiet in the land” – The same could be said of McClarigan CPAs & Advisors. It is likely no coincidence that the advice and counsel of the McClarigan team is broadly trusted by the Amish and “English” alike. Founded in 1993, McClarigan is noted for their deep understanding of their clients, personalized service, and valued expertise given well beyond their fee-paying clientele. Kevin McClarigan and his team are a picture of selfless generosity.

We could start with a list of the organizations that the McClarigan team serves. But we won’t. We could continue with a list of the organizations to which McClarigan contributes. But we won’t. We could offer you testimonials from their clientele. But of course, they are the “quiet in the land” so testimonials don’t come easily. However, one admirer describes Kevin as one who combines “the wisdom of the mind with the kindness of the heart.”

Emphasizing the value of family and community, Kevin’s leadership example permeates his team. To serve at McClarigan demands respect for, understanding of, and a desire to serve the “quiet in the land,” as well as the surrounding population that is interwoven with the Amish and plain Mennonite communities.

We are grateful to serve McClarigan CPAs & Advisors. They make our communities better.

What does it look like for a business organization to be intertwined with a community? What is the value for a community to fully embrace what a business has to offer? What is the benefit for a business organization to fully commit itself to the wellbeing of the place they call home?

We might be able to more easily answer these questions if we took a walk around the city of Lebanon with Dave Funk. Dave, along with his brothers, Bob and Ken, are the owners/leaders of Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. While the Funk brothers are much too humble to point this out, it is fair to say that the city of Lebanon would look very different without this third-generation contractor.

“We build communities” – churches, senior living, health care and manufacturing are just a few of the cornerstones of a healthy community. If it were just about a physical structure, we could stop the story here. But the story only begins here. Whether grandfather Arthur, father Henry, or current owners Bob, Ken and Dave, the generations change but the commitment to putting heart into the community does not.

Ask a family member. Ask an employee. Ask a sub-contractor. Ask a community leader. You will likely get a similar response. If you are a Funk team member, you care as much about what goes on in and around a building as the building itself. After all, you are building community.

We are grateful to serve Arthur Funk & Sons, Inc. They make our communities better.

The renovation of a Lancaster County chicken house. The construction of 200 CVS Stores throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. The growth of a top tier professional general contractor. Not to mention, two business partners – who happen to be brothers-in-law – sticking together for almost 30 years. This is the story of Speedwell Construction.

Yes, it could be said that the first project to be completed by Speedwell was the renovation of a Lancaster County chicken house which served as their original office. Since that humble beginning, Gary Myer and Keith Ebersole have painstakingly grown a general construction firm with 80% repeat business. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at commercial construction has learned the difficulty of the craft. Speedwell’s consistency, professionalism, and attention to detail produces extraordinary value to clients, subcontractors, vendors and employees.

A quick reading of the Speedwell Construction website will reveal only the most basic hints of the contributions Speedwell makes to our community. A growing company means greater employment opportunity. A growing workforce produces longevity and community stability. A well-run, profitable company provides for innumerable financial, leadership, and expertise-based contributions to the well-being of our local community and the community beyond. While you may not read all of this on the understated Speedwell website, this is Speedwell Construction.

We are grateful to serve Speedwell Construction. They make our communities better.

“Our customers are our lifeblood and we are privileged ‘guests,’ invited to their tables…” is perhaps the best expression of the heartbeat of Stoltzfus Meats. From humble beginnings in 1954 on the farm of Amos and Mary Stoltzfus, Stoltzfus Meats has grown to serve hungry customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. You may have heard the phrase “before I die I must…” well, that phrase should apply to Stoltzfus Hickory Smoked Bacon! Certainly you have enjoyed it, haven’t you?

More than a rapidly expanding and profitable Central Pennsylvania business, Stoltzfus Meats benefits employees, customers, and their communities in a myriad of ways. You may know someone who had their first employment with Stoltzfus Meats. That person learned to get up early, work hard, and deal with customers in an efficient and interactive way. Several members of the current management team have been employed at Stoltzfus Meats since age 16.

Their flagship store is a destination for tourists far and wide, while at the same time serving the local community with fun, flavor, and fresh products. A trip to the lovely village of Intercourse, PA, is certainly not complete without lunch from the deli. And, you would do well to visit the original location of Stoltzfus Meats at the New Castle, DE, Farmers Market.

You have likely benefited from their generosity. Second generation owners, Myron and Sally Stoltzfus, are surely among the most generous people we know. Space would not permit us to list all of their charitable endeavors. Beginning with a heart for adoption that extends to both their children and grandchildren, and moving outward toward the eradication of sex trafficking, Myron and Sally’s generosity knows few bounds.

We are grateful to serve Stoltzfus Meats. They make our communities better.