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Our blog is an additional avenue through which we share relevant, timeless principles and life-changing values. Among other topics, we discuss individual and organizational self-awareness, healthy organizational culture, and transitioning well.

Continue reading I’ve Got Your Back I’ve Got Your Back
I’ve Got Your Back
I have a good friend who shares the adage “I’ve got your back” and lives it out as he helps others in their quest to be successful in their role. His message is always conveyed in a manner that encour...
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Continue reading What Are You Chasing? What Are You Chasing?
What Are You Chasing?
Have you ever stopped to reflect on the “good ole’ days” where: The only thing you could do in your car was listen to the radio, mentally plan, converse with a passenger, or take in the scenery? ...
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Continue reading “Great job…but” “Great job…but”
“Great job…but”
As a leader you are called to listen, share, guide, motivate and challenge – all for drawing the best team performance for your clients and company. Adam Grant, in his book, “Give and Take,” descri...
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Continue reading Are You Building Your Resume or Your Eulogy? Are You Building Your Resume or Your Eulogy?
Are You Building Your Resume or Your Eulogy?
I recently attended the funeral of a close relative where the pastor asked, “Are you building your resume or your eulogy?” As I reflected on those thoughts, my mind turned to the leadership journey we...
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Continue reading Here We Go Again Here We Go Again
Here We Go Again
As leaders, or those being led, you know how it feels when a topic comes up for discussion a second or third time. If the topic is near and dear to you, you are grateful for the persistence. However, ...
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Loves Me, Loves Me Not
October 6, 2014 Loves Me, Loves Me Not, by Dave Thompson I still remember elementary school and the field daisy I gave to a classmate as a sign of friendship. She promptly began pulling the peta...
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Continue reading Think Slow, Act Fast Blog Preview
Think Slow, Act Fast
March 5, 2014 Think Slow, Act Fast by Dave Thompson Have you ever made a decision in the heat of the moment, believing it was critical to show your ability to be decisive or keep things moving? ...
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Continue reading Your Leadership is Showing Blog Preview
Your Leadership is Showing
September 5, 2013 Your Leadership is Showing by David Thompson One of my earliest jobs was with a large supermarket chain, where I spread my hours among three locations. While the products, cust...
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