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Here We Go Again

Apr 5, 2015
By David Thompson

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Here We Go Again

As leaders, or those being led, you know how it feels when a topic comes up for discussion a second or third time. If the topic is near and dear to you, you are grateful for the persistence. However, if you are tired of what feels like unproductive rehashing, you are likely thinking, “Here we go again.”

What makes the difference? Your perspective.

What do you desire regardless of your perspective? Cooperation and support from all parties.

Unfortunately, issues like this can sap the passion and teamwork from individuals and their organizations. Yet, many times careful attention to the issues are necessary to effect progress. The key to turning this potential drain of energy into high-impact forward momentum is communication.

Providing the right meeting environment and a proper structure for discussion enables all stakeholders to have the opportunity to share their views and the supporting facts. Ensuring that everyone’s comments are solicited and properly vetted minimizes the risk of the same topic being visited again and again. Everyone can begin to move forward rather than languishing in the disappointment of a perceived missed opportunity or the frustration of an unrelenting topic.

Want to stop the “here we go again” carousel within your relationships? Create a setting for healthy conversation and encourage input from everyone. You may be surprised by the fresh ideas your meetings begin to percolate as multiple views are vetted and a course of direction is set by a happier, more appreciative team.

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