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Our blog is an additional avenue through which we share relevant, timeless principles and life-changing values. Among other topics, we discuss individual and organizational self-awareness, healthy organizational culture, and transitioning well.

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Growing Pains
January 6, 2014 Growing Pains by Roger North At a recent holiday gathering, my 15 year-old nephew wanted to stand back-to-back with me. He wanted to see how his recent growth spurt measured up t...
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A Sticky Mess
July 5, 2013 A Sticky Mess by Roger North The blueberry pancake syrup was threatening to seep off the edge of the table onto my shorts. Carolyn and I were working feverishly to contain the sprea...
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Mirror, Mirror…
March 5, 2013 Mirror, Mirror... by Roger North Have you ever thought about how many times you look into a mirror in the course of the day? Mirrors seem to be everywhere. When did we decide that ...
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Grouchy Old Men
November 5, 2012 Grouchy Old Men by Roger North Just recently, I noticed that I have been willing to admit that I am getting older. Yes, I know it's a biological fact. But for a long time, I jus...
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You Must be Busy!
July 5, 2012 You Must Be Busy by Roger North How ya doin? How are Carolyn and the kids? You must be terribly busy, aren't you? These are the three most common questions I hear. I actually like t...
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Celebrating 15 Years – Partnering with a Powerful Project
April 5, 2012 Celebrating 15 Years – Partnering with a Powerful Project by Roger North with guest blogger Mara Creswell McGrann April 1st marked North Group’s 15th Anniversary. I don’t know wher...
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Culture Eats Strategy
February 20, 2012 Culture Eats Strategy by Roger North   Did you ever shop at Genuardi’s? A wonderful family owned supermarket chain, Genuardi’s was Wegmans before Wegmans. It was Whole Foods be...
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Two Leaders – Two Outcomes
November 4, 2011 Two Leaders – Two Outcomes by Roger North How can two leaders doing virtually the same tasks get such vastly different organizational results? I’ve been thinking about that ques...
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The Weight of the Job
July 20, 2011 The Weight of the Job by Roger North Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is a golfer now. Yeah, she’s a Stanford professor and a best selling author in waiting. But I am mos...
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