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Brian Black

Brian Black

Call: (717) 299-9800

Brian Black

Partner & Consultant

As a shareholder at North Group, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his background in organizational leadership and the practice of law.  His focus throughout his career on business succession planning and estate planning has created a unique platform for serving family business owners and leaders as they plan and execute pivotal ownership and leadership transitions.

Brian serves on the Board and Executive Committee of Moravian Manor and on the Board of Directors of the Lititz Mutual Insurance Family of Companies.  He also has extensive experience on various other nonprofit and church boards.  Together with his wife, Vegee, Brian enjoys travel, dining, bike rides, time on the beach, and mentoring of young married couples and singles.  He has five adult children, Aaron, Daniel, Adam, Amanda, and stepson, Nick, three daughters-in-law and one son-in-law – which means that Brian and Vegee are officially “empty-nesters.”

People would be surprised to know:

Along with my sons Aaron, Daniel, Adam and Nick, I am a certified SCUBA diver.  Vegee enjoys watching the bubbles from the dive boat!

Best Vacation:

Three weeks in Tuscany and on the Island of Elba with Vegee, visiting her family and savoring the indescribable history, beauty and food of Italy!

Things I am pursuing in life:

A life characterized by an ever-deeper trust in my Heavenly Father, learning to be still more and to hurry much less.

Recommended Reading:

“The Advantage” – Patrick Lencioni

“Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership” – Ruth Haley Barton

“Life of the Beloved” – Henri Nouwen


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