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Jun 19, 2024
Participants: Jerry Murray, Brian Black

Category: Leadership & Organizational Development

Transformation Through Trials | Brian’s Story (Part 1 of 3)

In episode 37 of The North Group Podcast, Jerry Murray sits down with Brian Black, a North Group team member and dedicated husband and father of four. Brian started his career as a lawyer, added the title of “Pastor,” and later transitioned to consultant. Throughout this journey, two significant trials profoundly transformed his faith and deepened his compassion for others.

Brian shares about the loss of his wife, Laurie, to cancer after 28 years of marriage and his later experience of burnout from the intense demands of his professional life. Join us as Brian recounts how these experiences have reshaped his approach to life and work, underscoring the importance of serving and caring for people in a way that honors their unique journeys.

You can watch Episode 37 of The North Group Podcast here or find our podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

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