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Timeless Truths

Dec 20, 2011
By Jerry Murray
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Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Timeless Truths

December 20, 2011

Timeless Truths by Jerry Murray

One of our stated beliefs at North Group is that “there are very few shortcuts to personal development and organizational growth.”  Personal development doesn’t happen in a microwave oven.  It’s slow roasted with great care and intentionality.  The concept is simple, but not easy.  It’s simple, because timeless life truths are known and admired: have an others-centered focus; live with integrity (100% of the time); be generous (relationally and materially); maintain self control; the list could continue.  We know these things.  However, they are not easy because we want results now.  Without accountability and discipline, most of us are prone to wander from what we know to be true.  Some of us may wonder whether the patient application of timeless truths is even worth it.

A few weeks ago, I visited Berkshire Hathaway’s website.  You’ve probably heard of the company.  Berkshire Hathaway is a publicly traded investment manager with a stellar reputation for investing intelligence and financial results.  Warren Buffett, CEO, took over in 1964 when the stock price was less than $20 per share.  Today, the price exceeds $75,000 per share.  The number is staggering, as is the company’s growth rate of over 20% compounded annually for the past 45+ years.  Equally staggering to me is the company’s website.  Check it out some time.  It’s nuts and bolts – no flash, no glitz, no glamour.  It’s fascinating to consider the company’s preference for simplicity in light of its nearly unlimited access to resources.  As I learn more about decision-making at Berkshire Hathaway, I’ve found that a long term perspective is at the root of their success and is lived out through disciplined application of timeless business truths.  Invest for the long-term; hire very well; motivate leadership appropriately; make investments that you fully understand; avoid fads and get rich quick schemes.  Basic, timeless business truths have led to the company’s unprecedented and unmatched success.

With just a few shopping days remaining, I’m grateful for the opportunity to take a breath and consider the timeless meaning of Christmas.  The creator God gifted his son to us, to live among us so that we could “have life to the full.”   Despite being God’s son, Jesus entered the world more humbly than most.  During His life on earth, Jesus did not shortcut success, but sacrificed much, ultimately to deliver the greatest, most timeless impact of anyone who ever lived.

This Christmas, accept the gift that comes from acknowledging timeless truths.  Be inspired to invest effort every day to live with a long term perspective to your benefit and to the benefit of your organization.

Merry Christmas!

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