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Consistent, Repeatable, Predictable

Jun 5, 2018
By Roger North

Categories: Hiring

Consistent, Repeatable, Predictable

When you think about it, there are very few more important priorities in an organization than hiring well. The problem is, it’s really hard! No one “bats 100%.” Nevertheless, we believe there are some very specific elements we can rely on to increase the percentage of successful hires.

First, we need to get as specific as possible about who and what we are looking to hire. Without a specific, disciplined picture of the characteristics, skills and experiences we need for success in the position, we are likely to be swayed by other human elements that are attractive, but not necessarily representative of success.

Second, we need a consistent, repeatable, and predictable process applied to each candidate. Without that disciplined process, where is our comparison?

Third, we need firm agreement about what success looks like in the position. What behaviors do we expect? What level of productivity are we looking for? Who will be responsible for the new employee’s success? What investment are we willing to make in developing that person toward success?

Finally, we need a clear picture of how the decision will be made and what steps will be taken in order to gather together our best observational and aspirational thinking. There are many options, but success comes from consistency.

Yes, it is challenging to hire well. But what could be more important?

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