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Others-Centered Listening

Sep 15, 2020
By Gerald Meck

Categories: Leadership & Organizational Development

Others-Centered Listening

Group Discussion at a Table

Among our values at North Group is the value of “modeling an others-centered focus.” We define values as beliefs we hold that drive our actions – so, how do we put this value into action?

For many years in organizational leadership, I found myself pursuing a solution-based approach to leadership. As time went on, I began to learn the importance of asking questions. Questions, and the ensuing responses, enriched my leadership. I found that providing solutions without listening closely did not serve my organization well. The more questions I asked, the smarter I got. The more responses I received, the better our organization performed. Who knew listening was a key to great leadership?

At one time, I served an organization who’s slogan was “everyone’s journey matters.” Before we focus on the how, we must first focus on the “who.” That’s modeling an others-centered focus.

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