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Jan 24, 2024
Participants: Roger North
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Categories: Hiring & Talent Selection Leadership & Organizational Development

Ed’s Story (Baüen Unlimited): Care & Craftsmanship (Part 1 of 3) | Podcast Ep. 34

“A story gains true significance when it becomes a shared narrative, enriching the lives of those who hear it.” – Unknown

Our vision at North Group is to build a legacy by offering relevant, timeless principles and life-changing value to our clients. Interestingly, we often find ourselves on the receiving end of these gifts through the stories we hear every day.

In our upcoming podcasts, we are excited to share stories that have deeply resonated with us. We will unpack these stories in subsequent blog posts, highlighting principles applicable to life and leadership.

Today, we start with the story of Ed Ferderbar, CEO of Baüen Unlimited. In this episode of The North Group Podcast, Roger North draws out Ed’s story, starting early in his career working for large corporate organizations, to his current role as leader of the 6 brands falling under the Baüen name. Ed shares lessons learned through his experiences as a School Superintendent’s son, as a young entrepreneur, and as the leader of a group of companies with a strong work ethic and commitment to family.

You can watch this episode on our website (link below), or find The North Group Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts!

comments: 1
  1. It was great to hear the full Ed story. I got to know him when he owned Marketechs. The companies partnership with Messiah University made a huge impact on our campus and the ability to showcase our brand and tell our story.


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