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Feb 18, 2020

The North Group Podcast – Brought To Light: The Customer Is Always Right (EP. 2)

Through The North Group Podcast, our team invites you into their discussions on a range of topics including organizational health and leadership development, while seeking to instill hope, build character, model an others-centered focus, and encourage balanced living.

Currently, our theme is “Brought to Light” – conversations on long-standing, popular phrases focusing on what is true and not true. In Episode 2, Roger North and Craig Schloneger discuss “The Customer Is Always Right.”

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  1. Great discussion, my favorite book on customer service is “the Customer Comes Second” by Hall F. Rosenbluth. Made me rethink the customer and employee relationships and role. So important that leaders stay on top of customer service and find ways to balance the idea of the customer is always right (which is not true) and to support your employee. If you don’t support the employee, as a leader you start to create a culture that does not support employees.

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