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Oct 5, 2021

Category: Leadership & Organizational Development

Timeless Principles for Leaders’ Present Challenges (Part 1) (Ep. 17)

Since we launched The North Group Podcast in 2020, we’ve focused on our theme of “Brought to Light,” discussing the degree to which popular phrases are truthful, usable, and applicable to organizational, leadership, and cultural development (Episodes 1-16).

In episodes 17 and 18, our focus will be on what we’ve been hearing in our daily conversations with you, as business leaders seeking the best for your organizations in the midst of facing the unique challenges of the current environment (e.g. employee recruitment, supply chain challenges, leadership exhaustion).

When under pressure, it is easy to forget the disciplines of a healthy organization. However, these times can provide great opportunities to build cohesion and re-enforce alignment with the commitments of our organization.

Roger North and Craig Schloneger encourage leaders with timeless principles as they begin the conversation in Episode 17.

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