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A New Chapter

Feb 22, 2016
By Dennis Clemmer
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Categories: Family Business Transition & Succession Solutions

A New Chapter

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  – Ecclesiastes 3:1

More than 15 years ago I met Roger North for breakfast. I knew Roger from his board appointment with Family Service where I had spent over 20 years of my work life. Since I was looking for a new place to use my understanding of how family dynamics impact family-owned businesses, I wanted to hear about Roger’s vocational journey and how he came to start North Group Consultants.

Several months later I learned from Bill Poole that Roger was hiring another consultant. He suggested I give Roger a call. The rest is history.

How does one summarize 15 plus years of meaningful work? So many good memories. So many people to thank. The opportunity to experience an organization like North Group that actually lives out its values has made me a better person. We aren’t perfect but we dare to have the hard conversations needed for a cohesive team.

I have had the privilege of relating to many business leaders who are committed to providing a workplace where people can thrive and grow. The following are some of the rewarding aspects of my work with these fine persons:

  • Helping entrepreneurs develop leadership teams in order to transition their company into the next generation
  • Assisting these same entrepreneurs in filling the void left after passing on their company to the next generation of leaders
  • Providing a safe place for young leaders to discuss their leadership journey and their quest to become better leaders—as well as better husbands, wives, fathers and mothers
  • Helping family members discover how their gifts can best be used in the family business

And now I am preparing for my own transition. Some call it retirement but I am calling it “the next chapter in my life”—one that will be enhanced because of the many positive relationships formed while serving North Group Consultants and our clients. After a six-week trip out west, I will continue to work part time for North Group while using my lighter schedule for additional time in Hilton Head, a bit more golf, and considerably more time with family and friends.

comments: 2
  1. Dennis,

    You are taking that leap into the part-time. I’ve heard the personal part of the “part-time” is where the full-time goes. You’ll have to continue “blogging” about how the transition is supposed to work, vs. how it really works. There are a lot of us (age-bracket-wise) who are right behind you. You could start a full-time coaching activity on how this fulfills a life.

    Hope you will be careful of the sun and humidity on the course at Hilton Head.

    Be safe,

    Jim Rothenberger

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