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Private Company Transactions

Dec 17, 2018
By Jerry Murray

Categories: Transition & Succession Solutions

Private Company Transactions

Recently, I met with an owner / leader of a multi-generation family business that has been around for decades. It is well run and well known in the community. As this leader approaches retirement and considers the future of his business, he does so with a grateful spirit and with great care for both his family and the many employees who serve. He further expressed great appreciation for the customers who enjoy his products and services. He wants to know that they will continue to experience a high level of care.

When I think about this leader’s story and the stories of others like him, I am thankful. Owners who care about excellence and about the lives of their colleagues and community make me want to work even harder and more thoughtfully. Never is this inspiration put to use more than when we serve as a merger and acquisition advisor to our client.

During the second half of 2018, North Group walked alongside owners and leaders of three different organizations to successfully sell their companies. While each organization may have had different expectations and reasons for selling, we were pleased to work with each individual owner and consider how:

  • The company’s legacy will be impacted
  • Key employees will be provided for
  • Long-time loyal customers will be served well into the future
  • How they can be fairly rewarded for the business that they have owned and led

If you are a business owner considering how to begin the process of a thoughtful merger, acquisition, or sale that considers benefits for all stakeholders, delivers fair value, and results in a win-win-win situation for all involved, please contact us. We would be inspired to walk alongside you during your significant transition.

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