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Apr 26, 2022
Participants: Roger North, Gina Breslin
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Category: 25 Stories for 25 Years

Story 8 of 25: Sight & Sound Theatres

Blending great business practices, tremendous creativity, and living out a mission-based purpose is certainly not easy, but it is possible.

Many of us are familiar with the outstanding example of this principle in our community, Sight & Sound Theatres. From humble beginnings with multimedia presentations in the 1970s, to bringing Bible stories to life as one of the top three theater destinations in the country, Sight & Sound Theatres and the Eshleman family have had a significant, eternal impact.

Roger and Gina share the story in this episode of The North Group Podcast.

Watch here or listen on:

comments: 1
  1. Thank-you so much Roger for this excellent interview of the Sight & Sound story! It was so well done and very true to our many years of ministry! We appreciate your comments very much and thank-you for them! May God be glorified! And may God bless you for your kind words and for what you have done for the Sight & Sound Ministry!

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