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Jun 10, 2021
Participants: Gina Breslin, Roger North

Category: Leadership & Organizational Development

The North Group Podcast – Brought to Light: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Ep. 14)

It’s a hot, summer day. Despite the scorching temperatures, you decide to go for a walk. Later, you’re questioning this decision as you look down the shade-less lane and feel beads of sweat forming on your forehead. “Maybe,” you ponder, “I should walk the path along the creek instead.”

As you head in that direction, you are unpleasantly surprised to find the entranceway to the shady, cool path blocked by the neighbors’ grumpy dog – asleep.

Leaders frequently find themselves in similar situations. Rather than facing a grumpy dog, however, they must decide whether or not to wade into conflict for the benefit on the other side. How can we be sure the “shady path” is worth the extra effort? Is it ever better to “let the sleeping dog lie?”

Roger North and Gina Breslin consider these questions together in this episode of The North Group Podcast.

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