Video Blog – Servant Leadership: Building Trust

Sep 20, 2016 By (Bio) 3 Comments

Roger North of North Group Consultants describes the principal elements of trust – a foundational centerpiece of Servant Leadership. What character traits do you admire in those you consider to be trustworthy? What steps are you taking to gain the trust of others?

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For the Greater Good

Sep 06, 2016 By (Bio) No Comments

Community involvement. Empowerment. Making a difference. These words and phrases have become driving buzzwords in today’s marketplace. As awareness about local and global social issues continues to grow, many consumers are choosing to do business with organizations that align with their personal values and make an impact in the broader community.  This shift in expectations […]

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“Great job…but”

As a leader you are called to listen, share, guide, motivate and challenge – all for drawing the best team performance for your clients and company. Adam Grant, in his book, “Give and Take,” describes two contrasting leadership styles. “Takers like to get more than they give, and they put their own interests ahead of others’ needs,” he […]

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Video Blog – Servant Leadership: Being Others-Centered

Roger North & Dan Burkholder of North Group Consultants describe the importance of being others-centered as an essential component of true Servant Leadership. How would you rate your willingness to meet others where they are and your ability to help them develop and grow? Are you willing to have the hard conversations with your team […]

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The Power of an Apology

One of the most significant memories in my life was the time when an individual approached me wanting to apologize for an incident that took place in our relationship about 15 years ago. For me, the initial incident, while disappointing, was not particularly negative. In fact, beyond the initial disappointment, I forgot about it and […]

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Facilitating Smooth Turnovers

When a strong leader decides to leave an organization it can strike fear in the hearts of an owner, CEO or board chair. Such change can feel a bit chaotic. Right now I am training a new person in a leadership position in my own company. That means I need to refresh myself on how […]

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Video Blog – Servant Leadership: Self Awareness

Roger North, founder of North Group Consultants, discusses the importance of Self Awareness as a cornerstone principle of Servant Leadership. What have you learned about yourself in the past 30 days? How are you working to increase your self awareness in your efforts to becoming a servant leader?  

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A number of years ago I was frustrated with a particular part of my job. I was not achieving the goals that I had set for myself and I was getting discouraged. Did I set goals that were unrealistic? Was I using the wrong measuring stick to gauge my results? To help me think through […]

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Four Questions Leaders Ask

One leadership team I have the privilege of working with routinely asks each other and members of their teams the following four questions: How are you doing? I recently heard two managers described this way: One manager asks, “WHAT are you doing,” while the other asks, “HOW are you doing?” It should not surprise anyone […]

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Video Blog – Servant Leadership: Intentional Empathy

May 05, 2016 By (Bio) 5 Comments

Jerry Murray and Roger North discuss empathy as an essential characteristic of servant leaders. In what ways do you practice empathy? How can you be intentional in demonstrating empathy to those you serve?

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