Video Blog: Thinking About… Energy

North Group Consultants’ Founder & President, Roger North, explores the topic of energy… As leaders, how do we protect, preserve and create the energy we need to lead well? We also invite you to tell us, “What have you been thinking about?”

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How Long Is Your List?

We live in an age of lists. We have our “to do” lists, and more recently it has become fashionable to accomplish items on a “bucket list.” But there is one list that is rarely discussed—the list of issues we find most difficult, or even impossible, to talk about. Yet that list is perhaps the […]

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Shoulder Tapping

Sep 21, 2015 By (Bio) One Comment

I recently read the book, “My Calling to Fulfill,” by John E. Sharp. The book is about Orie O. Miller who led Mennonite work in education, mission, peacemaking, and mental health. He developed most of the major Mennonite agencies that exist today, including Mennonite Central Committee, Eastern Mennonite Missions, and Goshen College. Miller had many […]

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Don’t Throw Your Anchor Inside Your Own Boat

Sep 08, 2015 By (Bio) No Comments

Recently our daughter shared a sketch she created on social media. It included the words, “Don’t throw your anchor inside your own boat.” Seeing her sketch caused me to think about a recent conversation I had with a friend. As we met for coffee my friend shared that his “bucket” was almost empty; he was […]

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Video Blog: Thinking About… Intentions vs. Behaviors

Roger North, President of North Group Consultants, and Partner, Daryl Leisey discuss the relationship between the intentions of leaders and their actual behaviors. Is it helpful to let others know our intentions? How closely do your behaviors align with your intentions? We also invite you to tell us, “What have you been thinking about?”

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Creating Community at Work

Aug 05, 2015 By (Bio) No Comments

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the 4th of July celebration at Lititz Springs Park and the U.S. Open at Lancaster Country Club.  Although these events were very different, they fostered the same sentiments – community pride, an opportunity to meet others, a relaxed and fun setting, and the good feeling that comes from […]

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Subtle Erosion

I’m sure I enjoy Annapolis, Maryland, more than the average visitor. I grew up just outside Annapolis and hold many positive memories. I’ve grown to admire and enjoy the colonial architecture, town history, waterfront and fresh seafood restaurants. I was breathing it all in on a recent visit. Annapolis looked and felt better than ever. […]

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Can You Take Constructive Feedback?

Prior to the Masters Golf Tournament an unscientific poll was taken that found Bubba Watson to be the PGA Tour golfer that other pros would be least likely to help in a parking lot fight. The poll was attempting to identify the least-liked male professional golfer. When Bubba was asked what he thought of the […]

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Video Blog: Thinking About… Leadership vs. Management

Jun 22, 2015 By (Bio) One Comment

North Group Consultants’ president & founder, Roger North, discusses the differences between leadership and management. The better we lead, the less we need to manage. How do you best influence others? We also invite you to tell us, “What have you been thinking about?”

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Leadership Barriers

While I’d like to think I am secure in who I am, confident in what I can do, and convinced of where I’m supposed to be in life, I must admit I sometimes let barriers stand in the way of my leadership abilities. Jenni Catron, in her book, Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence, […]

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