Creating Personal Margin

Oct 20, 2017 By (Bio) One Comment

In his book Margin, author Richard Swenson, M.D., talks about the need to protect and, where needed, expand our margins in life. Just as a printed page would be difficult, if not nearly impossible, to read without margins, our lives can become overloaded and ineffective without appropriate space “between our load and limits.” While there are […]

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Trading the Truth for Lies: Kindness for Niceness

“It’s 2017 for goodness sake!” This and other similar refrains have come to dot our relational and conversational landscapes. They are attempts to “nicely” enlighten their audience, informing them that the world has advanced while they – clearly – have not. Most often, these refrains occur on social media, behind the veil of anonymity and […]

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Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Self Care – Physical

Sep 20, 2017 By (Bio) No Comments

Roger North and Gina Breslin of North Group Consultants emphasize the importance of physical self care for leaders. What steps are you taking to care for yourself physically so you can serve the people in your life well?

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The New-Guy Perspective

Sep 05, 2017 By (Bio) One Comment

My professional career has taken me to many new places and unique work experiences. During these transitions, I love figuring out how things work and learning from the staff already in place. It requires me to rely on others to understand what is happening around me. I have discovered that peak awareness and learning takes […]

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The Sweet Spot

Aug 21, 2017 By (Bio) No Comments

As athletes know, the right amount of stress or tension must be present for optimal performance. In the moment between the words “runners take your mark” and the starter’s gun, a sprinter must be appropriately focused and ready. Too much and they’ll jump the gun – a false start. Not enough and they’ll lose precious […]

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Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Self Care for Leaders

Aug 04, 2017 By (Bio) 3 Comments

Roger North of North Group Consultants stresses the importance of self care for leaders in four key areas – physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual. What steps are you taking to care for yourself so you can better care for those around you?

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Excellence Doesn’t Come Easy

Jul 20, 2017 By (Bio) 3 Comments

Last week my family attended a classical music concert together – not a typical Saturday for the Murrays. Several pieces were memorable; one is still impacting me. The conductor gently raised his hands and a young lady with blonde hair stepped down from the second row of risers. As she approached the microphone stand beside […]

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Trust and Communication

The connection between trust and communication is undeniable. It is difficult to build trust (with anyone, on any topic) when we don’t fully communicate. Likewise, we find it hard to truly connect and communicate with someone when trust has simply not been built yet or has been damaged in some way. It is often assumed […]

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Video Blog – Intentional Leadership: Helping Others Win

Roger North of North Group Consultants challenges leaders to develop deep relationships where their character is strengthened and natural influence is utilized to sharpen one another. Who are the people in your life that challenge you to be a better person?  What steps will you take to become that person to someone else?

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Letting Go and Moving On

Jun 05, 2017 By (Bio) One Comment

I am preparing to move to a new community in another town.  In order to provide a comfortable, clutter-free environment in our new, smaller home, we must give up many things – furniture, art, books, photos, dishes, other keepsakes and mementos – years of accumulation. Most opportunities in life require letting go.  Pursuing opportunities and […]

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